Why This NZ Motorhome Hire Is So Popular With Tourists?

New Zealand is one of the most scenic tourist destinations in the world. During the period March 2017 to March 2018 nearly 4 million visitors landed on New Zealand shores and projects show that the figure is expected to grow to around 5.1 million by 2024. Tourism is one of the country’s top foreign exchange earners – so there is a focus on making that visitor experience something special.but that focus is made much easier by the fact that New Zealand is simply one of the most scenic countries in the world. From glaciers and hot springs, jagged mountain peaks, forest, unique wildlife, crystal clear streams, a rugged coastline and rolling hills, not to mention friendly and welcoming locals, New Zealand is simply a pleasure to visit.

Increasingly NZ motorhome hire has become one of the most popular ways of exploring the natural wonders of the country. But what is the attraction of NZ motorhome hire?

Firstly NZ motorhome hire allows visitors to wander the country at their own pace, taking in sites and sounds at their leisure. There seems to be a growing global disenchantment with package tours and when faced with a county as varied as New Zealand it is not difficult to understand why.

Package tours seem to be intent on packing as much of the New Zealand experience into a limited time as possible. Inevitably this means that the tourist is not given sufficient time to simply take in the wonders that are of particular interest to them before being whisked away to the next stop on a whistle-stop tour. NZ motorhome hire allows the visitor to simply stop and absorb the natural wonders that surround them. They are traveling at their own pace – and they get to select the attractions that fit in with their unique tastes and preferences – rather than being slaves to an itinerary set by others.

The choice extends further. Hiring Kiwi Motorhomes, a motorhome in New Zealand provides a huge amount of choice when it comes to the style of motorhome that is required. There are models that can comfortably sleep two – and there are those that are large enough to accommodate families. It is all up to personal choice. The addition of a kitchen in the motorhome is also incredibly attractive. Having that kitchen available can lead to significant cost savings. Rather than dining out those who are in a motorhome have the option of preparing their own meals.

The availability of a huge variety of camping grounds is another reason why a motorhome holiday is so attractive. many of these boast hot showers, electrical supply and a host of other amenities – and staying at one of these sites is significantly cheaper than hotel accommodation.

But the ability to stop for the evening at a place of your choosing offers even more. It offers the opportunity to prepare meals over an open fire (many camping sites have facilities that allow this) and also to interact with New Zealanders. That is one of the true pleasures of taking advantage of offers from companies like Kiwi Motorhomes when visiting this beautiful country.